100% Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money-Back guarantee scheme is introduced by The Rupaiya Co. to assure the customers with their purchase of EAN13 and UPC12 Barcodes.

  1. Purchased from official website
    1. The Refund will only be provided to the customers who purchase the barcodes from the official website of The Rupaiya Co. www.therupaiya.com
    1. The Rupaiya Company is only liable to the purchases made from its official website and not from any third party medium using the logo, trademark, name or all three of The Rupaiya Co.
  2. Unacceptable by the Retailer or Ecommerce website

2.1) If the barcodes sold to you by The Rupaiya Co. are not accepted by any of the Retailer or E-commerce websites and the same is notified in written form which explains in detail on why are the barcodes not accepted by them. In such a condition of Non-acceptance, the complete amount of the money will be refunded to the customer excluding the CNF fees and Tax.

2.2) If the retailer or the Ecommerce website fails to give the written explanation to non-acceptance of the barcodes than the customer will get no refund on their purchase.

3) Amount Liable to Refund

3.1) The Rupaiya Co. is liable to refund the amount excluding the (CNF) Convience Fees and Taxes.

3.2) The Rupaiya Co. is liable to only that amount which was paid to it by purchasing the Barcodes from the official website. It does not take the responsibility of any other extra losses, charges, costs, expenses that are incurred by the customer before, during or after it has purchased the Barcode(s) from The Rupaiya Co.

3.3) Any other damages and losses incurred by the customer are not the liabilities of the Company.

4) Period to apply for a refund.

4.1) Application of Refund after payment, Customer can only apply for a refund within 36 hours from the payment of the barcodes.

4.2) Application of Refund after delivery, Customer can only apply for a refund within 97 days from the delivery of the barcodes.

4.3) All the refund request after the above specified period for the respective conditions will not be applicable and will be considered null and void.

5) Refund before delivery.

5.1) Customer can apply for a refund before the delivery of the barcodes within 36 hours from the purchase. In this condition, the customer will receive 100% refund excluding CNF Fees and Tax.

5.2) Special Refund Requests, If the customer applies for the refund after 32 hours then it can opt for S.R.R (Special Refund Requests) under which the customer can get 45% refund excluding CNF Fees and Tax.

6) Refund processing period

6.1) The refund amount will be credited to your Bank Account within 6 months.

6.2) The refund processing can take 3 days up to 6 months for the amount to be credited to your account.

7) Illegal usage of refunded barcodes

7.1) If the customer is found using the refunded barcodes in any of the retail outlets, E-commerce website or any Commerce platform then it will be subject to criminal jurisdiction and the company can take legal actions on the Buyer, Individual/company using the barcode, Retailer, E-commerce website or any other Commerce Platform.

7.2) Customer cannot use the refunded barcodes on any of its products, physical goods, goods/services on sale. The customer has to immediately remove the barcodes from all of its products, services, displays, brandings, print mediums.

7.3) The Company/Individual found using the refunded barcodes will be charged a fine of ₹50,000/- or ₹5000/barcode whichever is higher.

8) Submitting the Refund Request

Customer can submit their refund request via email on contact@therupaiya.com / therupaiya@gmail.com /

Or can call on +91 9653227972 (10am – 7 pm)