Registration Under Government of India


Asani Group is the parent company of The Rupaiya Co. Asani Group is the core management of the company. Asani Group runs The Rupaiy a Co. as the Digital Business for providing the startups, MSME business and other Business solution to their Digital Needs such as Website, Logos, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Barcodes etc.

Asani Group is an Indian Company that operates and manages its business in Mumbai, India. Hence the company is also registered in India.

The Rupaiya Company being its subsidiary is also registered under the Government of India MSME Department. Under the National Industry Classification Code 6312, 7410, 8292.

Which makes the operations of The Rupaiya Co. completely legal, authentic and regulated by The Government of India.

The Asani Group is registered under the Udyam Registration scheme and holds the registration number UDYAMMH180008509.